Foundation Forward, Inc. is a nonprofit educational project, 501(c)(3).  It is an educational organization that builds Your Charters of Freedom Settings in local communities across the country.  Join us in the installation of these extraordinary documents beside the Carson City Courthouse, giving others the chance to visit and experience our nation's history!


The goal of Foundation Forward is to bring these documents to local communities in life size replicas of the setting in the National Archives. Your Charters of Freedom Setting will be placed in a location central to the community, 24 hour access, with high visibility, high foot traffic, and easy access for school children. They are built to last 300 to 500 years.

Your contribution today to Foundation Forward, Inc. will help build a setting in your community.


Angel Donor

One Individual gifts the setting to the citizens of their county. If you would like to  be an Angel Donor & donate in honor/ memory of someone, please contact us directly. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Funds will be used locally and as matching funds for other communities, and to help cover overhead.


Gifting or helping to gift a Charters of Freedom Setting to your community will establish Your Legacy in the community with your name on the dedication plaque. Your future generations will be able to take their grandchildren down to the setting and show them what their great, great ancestor did for their community and country.

For more information on how to donate: 
Dr. David Streater, or call 828-475-6670

FOUNDATION FORWARD, INC. is not seeking any government funding or grants to build Your Charters of Freedom Setting.  All Settings monies will be from private donations:  Individuals, Organizations, and Institutions.

Thank you!